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Gaylord Archival® Mobile Basic Audio Tour Powered by Guide by Cell®

Part #: 73-003

$2,500.00 USD

The Gaylord Archival® Mobile Museum Suite Basic Audio Tour Powered by Guide by Cell® lets your patrons connect with your exhibit instantly using their own mobile device. Cell phone audio tours are an easy way to offer your visitors more information than what's available on posted signs and placards and allow anyonefrom artists to curators and expertsto give knowledgeable insight about the exhibit. Using a web-based administrative site, museum staff can quickly and easily create an engaging audio tour without any advanced technical knowledge or IT involvement. Tour content can be updated at any time and changes take effect instantly. 1-year subscription.
  • 1-year Basic subscription includes 10 audio stops and 100 calls per month
  • Patrons simply dial-in to hear the tour
  • Accessible to anyone with a mobile phone
  • No need to buy, replace or maintain audio tour equipment
  • Update audio tour content instantly
  • Dedicated local phone number for visitors
  • Upgrade to the 1-year Advanced subscription for unlimited audio stops and 500 calls per month, plus additional features
Brand Gaylord Archival®