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Engineered Quality: Gaylord Archival Handcrafted

Did you know that we make archival supply products
right in our factory in Syracuse, NY?

Well, we do! That's why we're able to constantly respond to your needs by
innovating, engineering and creating quality solutions.

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Gaylord Archival Separate Lid Document Cases Gaylord Archival Handcrafted

Separate Lid Document Cases >

Rob redesigned our popular hinged-lid document cases to have a completely removable deep lid. These separate-lid cases feature increased stability and ease of access, and as a result are perfect for more frequently used items. Valuable documents can be removed more quickly and easily with less risk of damage due to contact with the lid.

Gaylord Archival Divided Clamshell Multipurpose Box

Divided Clamshell Multipurpose Box >

What makes our divided boxes unique are the sturdy, integrated dividers that don’t move around once you have delicate objects inside them. Rob developed these to be an easy, stackable solution for containing a collection in one place, with no extra components needed or pieces to lose.

Gaylord Archival Viewing Folders

Viewing Folders >

Our new viewing folders combine the protection of a heavy-duty folder with the easy viewing of a clear archival polyester sleeve, providing a greater level of protection for documents and prints. Most importantly, these folders allow you to view more delicate items without having to remove and potentially harm them.

Gaylord Archival E-Flute Drawer Boxes

E-Flute Drawer Boxes >

Louie had a dream of a complete archival storage solution in one box – literally. With boxes on the brain, Lou developed a corrugate container with three drawers that he thought up one night in his sleep. The drawers, made completely of our archival-quality E-flute corrugate with an inert polypropylene handle, hold letter-size documents, smaller prints and artifacts and remove completely for easy access and transport of contents.

Gaylord Archival Pinao Roll Boxes

Piano Roll Boxes >

In response to a customer's need to store a large collection of antique player piano rolls, we created these barrier board boxes sized for modern and vintage standard piano rolls. The perfect fit prevents unrolling and fraying of the fragile paper, and metal edges add strength and stability for stacking collections of rolls.

Hands-on Innovation. Meet your Gaylord Archival Development Team: Rob Kneeskern, Manager of Operations; Louie Kocevski, Product Designer
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