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Economy Male Conservation Form

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    Display your men's costumes and garments with this Economy Male Conservation Form. This simplified form has a one-piece torso from shoulder to hip and includes arms, legs and a gendered head form. Made from solid Ethafoam® that can easily be carved down or padded up to accommodate a variety of sizes. The padding is 100% polyester and covered in a replaceable polyester stockinette.
    • Ideal for displaying men's garments and accessories
    • Conservation-quality, pinnable Ethafoam form is covered with polyester stockinette
    • Height-adjustable aluminum pole and supportive silver powder-coated steel base
    • Arms have a flexible cable in the elbows and wrists for easy posing and attach with snap fittings at the shoulders
    • Aluminum support pole goes through the left leg and the foot sits in front of the pole to accept a shoe
    • Right leg is attached to the torso with a flexible cable for free positioning
    • Includes a male conservation head that can be removed for easy dressing