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NOVUS Acrylic Cleaning & Scratch Removal Kit

Part #: 61-KIT

$35.69 USD

Use the NOVUS Acrylic Cleaning & Scratch Removal Kit to buff away scratches from most plastics, including acrylic display vitrines. This 3-step system can buff away fine and heavy scratches - removing damage instead of just filling in the scratches. 
  • Buff away scratches and clean plastics
  • Use NOVUS 3 for removing deep scratches and abrasions
  • NOVUS 2 eliminates small scratches, haziness and abrasions
  • Use NOVUS 1 to gently clean plastics without scratching and resists fogging, repels dust and eliminates static
  • Note: NOVUS 3 is not recommended for use on coated plastics and must be followed with NOVUS 2 to complete the buffing process
  • Material Safety Data Sheet