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Showgard® Stamp Mounts for Federal Duck Stamps (30-Pack)

$9.95 USD


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    Use these Showgard® Stamp Mounts for Federal Duck Stamps (30-Pack) to display your Duck Stamps. These mounts have a functional design with twin parallel welds that keep stamps securely in position while allowing the free passage of air around the stamp. Made of oriented polystyrene, these mounts will not shrink or discolor. All mounts are gummed with an exclusive Showgard adhesive formula to ensure safe, firm adhesion to your album page.
    • Oriented polystyrene contains no chemicals that may be harmful to postage stamp ink, paper or gum
    • Twin parallel weld design keeps stamps securely in place while allowing air circulation around the stamp
    • Cut-style mounts are available in precise sizing to match your Federal Duck Stamps.