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Build your own custom box, get your price and put it in your cart. It's easy!

1. Choose a Style

2. Enter Interior Dimensions

Dimensions must be entered as shown in the diagram below. We recomended adding 1/4" to the Length and Width of your object and 1/8" to the Height to determine interior dimensions. If you plan to wrap your object in tissue paper or other materials, allow adequate additional room.

*Height must be the vertical dimension. Length must be the longer horizontal dimension (of Length and Width).
Width Length Height
*Height must be the vertical dimension. Length must be the longer horizontal dimension (of Length and Width).

3. Select a Material

Select a material to see the specifications, or click the tabs on the right to learn more about your options.

    • Specs

    • Material info

    • Color

    Barrier board - Comes standard with metal edges and ships assembled.

    Corrugated board - Ships flat and requires assembly.

    B-flute Corrugated B-flute Corrugated
    • Best for large boxes and storing heavy objects
    • 1/8" thick - provides greater puncture resistance and cushioning
    • 47 flutes per linear foot - delivers all-around performance and good stacking strength

    E-flute Corrugated E-flute Corrugated
    • Best for small, lightweight objects, documents, small textiles, shoes, etc.
    • 1/16" thick - saves vertical storage space for unassembled boxes and reduces bulk in assembled boxes
    • 90 flutes per linear foot - creates a more rigid surface with excellent crush resistance

    Buffered - Buffered materials have an alkaline reserve, or buffer, to counteract acids that may form in the material in the future. Cellulose fibers (e.g., cotton, flax, linen, jute) and plant-based specimens should be stored in buffered material to protect against migrant acidity.

    Unbuffered - Artifacts that contain animal proteins (e.g., wool, silk, leather, feathers, pearls) are best stored in unbuffered material. If textile fiber content or dyes are unknown, choose unbuffered. Blueprints should never come in contact with buffered material, and many archivists also prefer to store albumen prints and cyanotypes in unbuffered material. Since buffering agents don’t migrate, a buffered box can be used if unbuffered tissue or wrapping material surrounds the item.

    DuraShield™ - A clear, matte laminate coating that resists moisture, fingerprints and abrasions.

    For help choosing the right material for your box, contact our customer service team at 1.800.448.6160.

    Corrugated Board




    Barrier Board





    Metal Edges






    4. Additional Options


    Add Thumbcut - For ease of opening

    Choose a metal edge color


    5. Product Review

    Price Each:
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    Accept Terms & Conditions: Please carefully review your selections before ordering. Since our custom items are handcrafted just for you,
    these products cannot be cancelled or returned. Estimated ship time is approximately four weeks but actual lead times may vary.
    Custom boxes are not eligible for discounts or other promotions. Please contact our customer service team at 1.800.448.6160 for additional information.