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Corrosion Intercept® Pouches (10-Pack)

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    These Corrosion Intercept® Pouches (10-Pack) permanently neutralize corrosive gasses, such as sulfate, chlorine, ammonia and nirtous gases creating a micro-environment inside the pouch. Paper, fabric, textiles and metal artifacts are protected from discoloration, weakening, mildew and inhibits mold growth. 
    • Made from low-density polyethylene and copper
    • Protects artifacts from discoloration, mildew and inhibits mold growth
    • Opaque to prevent damage caused by light
    • Heat seal the open side to create a micro-environment within the pouch
    Material Polyethylene
    Type Sleeves
    Thickness (mil) 3
    Passed P.A.T. Yes
    Opening Short side
    Color Copper