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Takiya Discreet Low Profile Hook

$12.40 USD


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    Use with Takiya Discreet Low Profile One-Touch Hook to suspend artwork from the Discreet Art Hanging Track. Insert the soldered and sanded end of the cable from the Low Profile Art Hook with Cable into the base of the hook to hang objects. A ball-bearing mechanism inside the track hook and the art hook lock the cable in place.
    • Compatible with Low Profile Art Hooks and Cables
    • Holds lightweight items up to 44 lbs.
    • Choose your hook based on how the track is mounted
    • Track hook secures to the track with a little pressure and a twise
    • Insert the soldered and sanded cable end into the base of the track hook
    • Inconspicuous, the simple design highlights the art, not the hanger
    • Each component is constructed from stainless steel for durability and strength
    • Works with thin cables
    Brand Takiya