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Takiya Discreet J-Hook

$8.25 USD


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    Use this Takiya Discreet J-Hook to suspend objects up to 66 lbs. Hook is easily attached to the track with a little pressure and a twist. The grommet end of the cable slides onto the track hook, suspending the artwork safely.
    • Compatible with Discreet Art Hanging Track and J-Style Art Hanging Sets
    • Holds medium-weight objects up to 66 lbs.
    • Choose hook based on how the track is mounted
    • Track hook secures to the track with a little pressure and twist
    • Grommet cable end hooks easily over the J-hook
    • Each component is constructed from stainless steel for durability and strength
    • Inconspicuous, the simple design highlights the art, not the hanger
    Brand Takiya