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Gaylord Archival® Photo & Negative Cold Storage Kit


$37.20 USD

The Gaylord Archival® Photo & Negative Cold Storage Kit offers a safe, cost-effective way to extend the life of photographic slides, prints and negatives. Cold storage preserves materials up to several hundred times longer than room temperature storage. This kit includes all the materials you need to make two freezer-ready packages. One package stores up to four hundred 35mm slides or an equivalent volume of negatives, prints and transparencies. Exterior humidity indicator cards allow you to easily monitor conditions. The boxes can be stored in any conventional freezer and warm safely to room temperature in approximately 3 hours. Storage designed for flammable materials or explosion-proof freezers are recommended for storage of nitrate-based film.
  • One 2H x 13W x 10"D tan drop-front 60 pt. barrier board box with humidity cards
  • Two reclosable polyethylene bags
  • Two archival 100% rag 2-ply mat boards
  • One each additional bag and humidity card for testing the dryness of the mat board
  • One label
Brand Gaylord Archival®
  • Instructions