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Sakura® Microperm® Pen

$3.25 USD


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    The Sakura® Microperm® Pen is used to make precise marks in micro-spaces or on unusual or challenging nonporous surfaces. The chemically stable, waterproof ink can be used on glass, film, diamonds, wood, cellophane, CDs, plastic, metal and more. The ultra-fine line nib has a protected tip that will never split.
    • For making precise, long-lasting marks on nonporous surfaces
    • Permanent ink adheres to a variety of surfaces, including glossy and coated surfaces
    • Chemically stable and waterproof with low odor
    • Ultra-fine line nib has a protected tip that will not split
    • Can be removed from nonporous surfaces with alcohol-based cleaner
    • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards
    Color Black
    Brand Sakura®