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A-D Acetate Film Testing Strips (250-Pack)

Part #: AD250

$87.99 USD

Use A-D Acetate Film Testing Strips (250-Pack) to detect and measure the severity of acetate deterioration in film and other acetate collections. These acid-base indicator dye-colored paper strips change color in the presence of acidic vapor given off by degrading film.
  • Detect acetate deterioration, "vinegar syndrome" in film and other acetate collections
  • Can be used to detect other acids released by adhesives, plastic, paper and textiles
  • Place in a closed container with the sample material, the strip will change colors if acid gasses are released
  • Results can take up to 7 days
  • Relative humidity should be about 50% for optimum results
  • Includes 250 testing strips, handy color reference pencil and detailed instructions