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Jade 403 Adhesive (8 oz.)

Part #: JADE4038

$12.10 USD

Jade 403 Adhesive (8 oz.) is a premium acid-free adhesive designed for use in conservation, fine art and bookbinding applications. Use it to repair books, make boxes, adhere paper to paper or cloth to wood, fill in cracks in art canvases, patch tears in paintings, reinforce the edges of paintings and repair ceramic objects. It holds firmly to plastic materials and can be used on vellum or to form a heat-set adhesive. Dilute to secure fraying threads.
  • High-quality, stable PVA adhesive for conservation, fine art and bookbinding applications
  • Dries clear and remains flexible
  • Will not turn yellow, become brittle or discolor surfaces
  • Contains no solvents
  • Cleans up with warm water
  • Mix with wheat paste or methylcellulose to slow down drying time
  • 6-month shelf life; do not allow to freeze
Amount 8 oz.
  • Instructions