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Glassine Stamp Envelopes (100-Pack)

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    Our Glassine Stamp Envelopes (100-Pack) are water and grease resistant and air impermeable, making them an excellent storage option for stamps. Constructed with flaps on the exterior of the envelope to ensure a smooth interior pocket. Each envelope is open at the top and features an ungummed top flap.
    • Glassine is a smooth, semitransparent paper that protects items from dust, dirt and fingerprints
    • The ultra-smooth paper allows for a safe envelope interior preventing snags and will not stick to your stamps
    • Flaps are on the exterior of the envelope and features a opening at the top of the envelope with an ungummed flap
    • pH will drop over time; do not use for long-term storage and replace when Glassine takes on an aged appearance
    Material Glassine
    Type Envelopes