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ELSEC Model 775 Handheld Light Monitor

Part #: LS775UV

$1,649.00 USD

Use the ELSEC Model 775 Handheld Light Monitor to measure the UV and visible light, temperature and thermal radiation that can cause damage to artifacts and documents. This instrument makes it convenient for museum professionals, gallery staff and conservators to regularly monitor and quickly analyze the environment in any display or storage area.
  • Measures and displays visible light, UV light, temperature and thermal radiation
  • Designed for museums, art galleries and conservators
  • OLED display with automatic brightness control
  • Solid metal construction
Type Light monitors
Accuracy: Temp (degrees F) ±0.9
Visible Light Wavelength Range (nM) 400–700
Visible Light Power Range (lux) 0.1–200,000
UV Wavelength Range (nM) 300–400
UV Proportion Range (uW/lumens) 0–10,000
UV Power Range (mW/sq. meter) 2–10,000
Digital Display Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable NiMH AAA
Number of Batteries Required 4
Battery Life 25 hours
Height (in.) 6.75
Width (in.) 2.5
Depth (in.) 0.625