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Dermestid Monitors for Larvae

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Use Dermestid Monitors for Larvae to detect beetle infestations near collections of dried plant and animal matter. Kit includes ten monitoring cards with protein bait attractant designed to lure and keep dermestids close. Set out where you have seen or suspect carpet beetles or other fabric-destroying dermestid larvae to be active. The bait station comes attached to a non-adhesive record-form the size of a business card, so larvae are not killed. Carpet beetle larvae are slow-moving, however, so they are easy to remove or destroy once you spot them. Set out one monitor every 250 sq. ft. and inspect regularly. Activity detected in and around these feeding stations indicates an infestation that requires further action, such as a thorough treatment of furniture, carpets and other textiles in the area. Refrigerate unused monitors to insure they stay fresh.
  • 10 monitoring cards with protein bait attractant
  • 1 monitor recommended every 250 sq. ft.
  • Refrigerate unused monitors to insure freshness