Caring for Pamphlets & Sheet Music


Unprotected pamphlets can be lost or damaged on shelves because they are so small. Pamphlets can be placed in archival-quality pamphlet binders and shelved for easy access. If you choose to sew pamphlets to binders, stitch them through the fold and through the original holes if possible. In addition to supporting and protecting your pamphlets from dust, binders also provide a place for identification labels. Rare or valuable pamphlets should be placed in document preservation binders, archival polyester enclosures, folders or boxes and stored horizontally.

Sheet Music

In general, music scores are treated like other paper items. However, sheet music often receives a lot more use and abuse. Here are a few ideas for taking care of sheet music:

  • Clean marks from scores with a vinyl eraser, brushing crumbs from the edge of the page
  • Erasing is not appropriate for archival scores, where the marks may be an important part of the history
  • Remove paper clips, rubber bands and other foreign objects
  • Repair tears and reinforce the fold with reversible heat-set tissue or Japanese paper and wheat paste
  • Binders provide protection for sheet music; binders with pockets will help to keep the parts together
  • Stitching music through the gutter into the spine of a binder will allow it to open flat so it can be used in practice or performance

For more information:

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