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Frank Testimonials

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Frank Showcase System in Grounds for Discovery Exhibit

Grounds for Discovery Exhibit

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Alberta, CA

“Visitors love the new gallery. They report it has a very light and open atmosphere. We wanted a clean, minimalist appearance for the cases. We also needed to protect fossil specimens from dust and visitors, while allowing for periodic researcher access. The appearance of the cases aligns nicely with our vision” - Georgia Ohm, Project Coordinator

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Frank System Showcasing Early American Chair

General William Hart House

Old Saybrook Historical Society

Old Saybrook, CT


“The Frank case is simply beautiful. It seamlessly integrates into our space and highlights our chair as it deserves. An exhibit case in a former bedroom on the second floor of a 1767 house would not have been possible with a conventional prebuilt case. This case was brought into place through our narrow stairway and doors in pieces, and assembled on-site; as a former engineer, it was amazing to see it come together.

I am certain that the early-American furniture experts at the Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, DE will be pleased. They were kind enough to let us know that this chair is one-of-a-kind and represents craftsmanship from America's earliest colonial period! We at the Old Saybrook Historical Society are delighted with the results.” - Ed Armstrong, Facilities Manager

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Frank System Showcasing Gangs of New York Costume

Miramax Studios

SKN Creative

Santa Monica, CA

“We were in a bind with our lead time for this project because of another firm backing out at the last minute. It was also important that we choose a reasonably priced mannequin case, because we needed two for our display. The standard sized Frank case was ready to go! It worked within our budget and diffused our worries about meeting our deadlines. Also, the sleek, simplicity of the Frank Showcase was the perfect complement to the intricate and complex costumes that we had on display. We were very happy with our decision and are excited about future projects where we can take advantage of this incredible system.” - Ryan Nolan, Art Director

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Frank System Showcasing Exhibits on Captain Fitzroy and Charles Darwin Frank System Showcasing an Exhibit on Darwin and Dinosaurs

Traveling Exhibit

Triebold Paleontology

Woodland Park, CO

“Originally, I was considering glass cases for this traveling exhibit and I had some serious concerns about the added costs and hassle of shipping fully assembled glass cases again and again. When I learned of the Frank Showcase System, I was immediately interested. This system is built with acrylic panels that not only weigh considerably less than glass, they ship flat and can be fully disassembled for reuse which could not have been a more appropriate solution for our traveling dinosaurs!

I am thankful for the help from the Gaylord team. There were a lot of details regarding this project and their assistance was much appreciated. We love these cases and they were set up easily once we learned a few tricks!” - Angus Carrol, Co-Curator

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Frank System Showcasing Fashion Exhibit Frank System Assembly, Leveling Base

Lyndhurst Mansion

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Tarrytown, NY

“Lyndhurst purchased three custom-sized Frank display costumes on loan from the Palais Galliera, Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris, that needed to be placed in secured cases as a condition of the loan. As the purchase of these cases represented a significant investment for Lyndhurst, we selected the Frank cases based on the requirements of the objects to be exhibited, their aesthetics, durability, museum quality and affordability.

While we experienced a few challenges putting the cases together, the support from our sales team at Gaylord Archival was exceptional. Calls were returned promptly and the follow-up was phenomenal. At no time did we feel like we were not valued after the sale. The end result is that Lyndhurst owns three beautiful cases that will allow us to display exceptional costumes and smaller pieces of furniture securely in remote locations as a means to promote our museum and its collection. We could not be happier with our decision to work with Gaylord Archival on this project.” - Krystyn Hastings-Silver, Associate Director

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