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Lineco ArchivalWare Jewel Case Inserts (10-Pack)

Part #: 57164

$13.05 USD

Lineco ArchivalWare Jewel Case Inserts (10-Pack) block pollutants that can cause the metal layer of CDs and DVDs to corrode over time. The inserts fit neatly on the bottom section of jewel cases around the hub. Self-adhesive holds the insert in place, and Corrosion Intercept® technology protects against airborne pollutants, mold and mildew. The inserts will remain active for 40+ years.
  • Protects CDs and DVDs from pollutants, mold and mildew
  • Peel-and-stick adhesive holds inserts securely in place around the hub
  • Remains active for 40 years or more
Brand Lineco