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Fine Bookbinding

Part #: 90-104

$132.50 USD

In "Fine Bookbinding," the husband and wife team of Don Etherington and Monique Lallier (two of the world's most recognized professionals in book conservation and design binding) present in complete step-by-step detail: Fine Full-Leather Binding With Raised Bands and Design Binding With Leather "Inlays" and "Onlays" in the French Tradition. Don begins with a book that is ready to be conserved and takes you through every step of the process to achieve a fine full-leather binding. He shares all of his special nuances, including his own technique for achieving smooth, beautiful leather corners. Monique fully demonstrates and explains her well-known French-style leather inlays and onlays for design binding. Many mysteries are revealed as she demonstrates each and every step of how to achieve truly beautiful designs in leather.
Type DVD
Language English
Format NTSC/PAL; color; full HD
Running Time 4 hours