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Supersafe® Mint Sheet Album Black Refill Pages (12-Pack)

Part #: 18154

$10.25 USD

These Supersafe® Mint Sheet Album Black Refill Pages (12-Pack) use a patented 3-layered page that sandwiches a sheet of richly textured jet black archival polypropylene film between 2 layers of crystal clear polypropylene film. No noxious PVC or acetate, no dyed black paper insert will touch your valuable sheets. Sheets open on top and outside long side.
  • Black polypropylene sheet is sandwiched between two clear polypropylene sheets
  • 3-hole punched to fit in the Supersafe Mint Sheet Album
  • Page opens on the top and outside long side for easy access
  • Holds one mint sheet on each side
Material Polypropylene
3-hole Punched Yes
Overall Dimensions 290 x 270mm