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Zorbix Super-Absorbent Sheets (50-Pack)

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    Use Zorbix Super-Absorbent Sheets (50-Pack) to dry out a water damaged book or humidify creased documents. Each sheet can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water from any porous material such as vellum, paper, textiles, leather and wood. Sheets can be dried out with air or solar heat for repeated uses. By greatly reducing the drying time of materials, the chances of mold growth are significantly lowered.
    • Absorbs water from books and documents
    • 100% alpha-cellulose filtration paper sheets with a superabsorbent corn starch byproduct
    • Can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water
    • an be dried out and reused again and again
    • Excellent for disaster recovery kits