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Art Guard® Security Alarm

Part #: 60-440

$61.25 USD

The Art Guard® Security Alarm is a reliable and easy-to-use alarm designed to protect individual hanging works. This stand-alone, battery-powered device provides a primary or backup defense against theft and tampering with an immediate loud 120 dB alarm. Simple to use, Art Guard is compatible with most hanging methods, including traditional frame wires, D-ring systems and systems connected to perimeter molding. It can be easily moved and used repeatedly. Art Guard is especially useful in situations where a security guard cannot be present at all times.
  • Use to protect an individual hanging work of art
  • Loud 120 dB alarm is easily heard
  • Compatible with most hanging methods
  • Perfect for situations where a guard cannot be present at all times
  • Includes one color-coded activation strap, two AAA batteries, two capture clips, one screw and molly and illustrated instructions for installation
  • Approximate 1-year battery life
Brand Art Guard®
Height 4"
Width 2 1/2"
Depth 1/2"
  • User Manual