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Vulpex Liquid Soap

Part #: VULPEX

$36.15 USD

Vulpex Liquid Soap is the perfect solution for cleaning dirty and stained surfaces. It cleans a wide range of materials, including feathers, costumes, textiles, leather, carpets, furniture and oil paintings. Vulpex deeply and thoroughly cleans porous and finely cracked surfaces like armor, precious metals, shells, marbles and stones. It can also be used as an effective degreaser.
  • Cleans a wide range of materials, from feathers to leather
  • Emulsifies dirt, fats, fatty oils, mineral oils, waxes and hydrocarbons, holding the dirt in a stable emulsion which is easily disposable
  • Use with a medium-bristle scrub brush as an effective degreaser
  • Mix with water for a standard solution or with mineral spirits to make a non-aqueous cleaner to clean leather
  • A final rinse or wipe with clean water neutralizes the surface
  • Always wear protective gloves and glasses when using this material
Amount 100 ml
  • Material Safety Data Sheet