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Warehouse Beetle NoSurvivor Kit

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Use the Warehouse Beetle NoSurvivor Kit as part of a comprehensive approach to pest control. The warehouse beetle (Trogoderma variabile) is a voracious pest and will feed on a wide variety of items, including dead animals, seeds, dried vegetables and plant material, cereals, corn, corn meal, nut meats and fish meal, making it a threat to natural history collections. This kit helps you determine the scope and nature of an infestation and prevent further insect damage. Hang traps in areas where botanicals are stored, along walls, or place them on shelves, inside herbarium cabinet drawers or in and around other herbarium storage areas. Male warehouse beetles are especially attracted to the pheromone Bullet Lures. Kit includes ten pesticide-free warehouse beetle NoSurvivor sticky traps with wire hangers and ten pheromone Bullet Lures in easily dispensable blister packs.
  • 10 warehouse beetle pheromone Bullet Lures
  • 10 pesticide-free NoSurvivor sticky traps with wire hangers
  • 3-4 traps recommended per 1,000 sq. ft. for small areas; place traps every 25-50 ft. on a grid pattern in large areas such as storage facilities