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Cigarette Beetle NoSurvivor Kit

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Use the Cigarette Beetle NoSurvivor Kit as part of a comprehensive approach to pest control. The Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma serricorne), a small brown beetle measuring 2-3mm long, can cause serious damage to dried plant material and books. This kit helps you to determine the scope and nature of infestations by attracting these collection pests to pesticide-free stickytraps with pheromone Bullet Lures comprised of reservoirs that can hold a higher pheromone load than most other formulations. Hang the trap in areas where infestations are likely to happen. Protect from sun and wind during use. Once you've identified an infestation, sanitation, inspection and removal of infested material are all critical.
  • 10 pheromone Bullet Lures
  • 10 NoSurvivor sticky traps with wire hangers
  • 3-4 traps recommended per 1,000 sq. ft. for small areas; place traps every 25-50 ft. on a grid pattern in large areas such as storage facilities
  • Cigarette beetle identification card and instructions