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Copper Guard™ Polypropylene DVD Storage Pages (5-Pack)

Part #: 51107


Use Copper Guard™ Polypropylene DVD Storage Pages (5-Pack) to protect and organize your valuable collection. The pages feature Corrosion Intercept® technology that extends disc life by guarding against static electricity, ozone and UV light. The data side of the disc is protected by a lining of Copper Guard material that neutralizes harmful gases that can degrade the metal layer on the disc and lead to loss of data.
  • Translucent archival-quality polypropylene front lets you see inside without removing the disc
  • Corrosion Intercept technology protects against static electricity and atmospheric ozone
  • Blocks UV light to protect printed labels from fading
  • Copper Guard lining protects against loss of data
  • Each side holds one disc and accompanying literature in separate pockets
  • Flaps keep DVDs from slipping out
  • 3-hole punched for storage in binders
Material Polypropylene
3-hole Punched Yes
UV Protection Yes
Height (in.) 11 1/2
Width (in.) 9 7/16