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Gaylord Archival® Polyester Encapsulation Kit

Part #: PEK10124


Protect valuable documents, letters, photographs, ephemera and other paper memorabilia from the hazards of handling, while simultaneously making them easy to view from both sides, with the Gaylord Archival® Polyester Encapsulation Kit. Polyester encapsulation is a paper strengthening technology developed by the Library of Congress, where single sheets of paper are enclosed between two sheets of polyester film and sealed around the edges. Use the bone folder and double-sided polyester tape to safely seal valuable paper documents inside the 3 mil archival polyester sheets, polish with the Dust Bunny dust cloth, and slide encapsulated items inside the convenient drop-front of the blue/grey barrier board archival print box for safe storage.
  • 1 blue/grey, acid- and lignin-free, barrier board, metal-edged archival print box (4H x 10 1/4W x 12 1/4"D interior dimensions), with deep lid and drop-front
  • 25 pre-sized 3 mil archival polyester sheets, with electrostatic charge
  • 1 36 yd. roll of 1/4" 3M™ clear, double-sided polyester tape
  • 1 Gaylord Archival® 1W x 8"L bone folder, with one rounded and one pointed end
  • 1 lint- and chemical-free, 17H x 19"W, nonabrasive, Tyvek and nylon Dust Bunny dust cloth
  • 1 label
Brand Gaylord Archival®