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10 pt. Folder Stock (100 yd. Roll)



Use this 10 pt. Folder Stock (100 yd. Roll) to make your own folders for maps and prints, or use it as a support backing for prints and other fragile materials. This durable buffered stock is also great for crafting lightweight book wrappers and enclosures. The material is colorfast and lightfast and folds easily along the grain.
  • For making folders and backing prints
  • Use to craft lightweight book wrappers and enclosures
  • 10 pt. folder stock folds easily on the grain
  • Colorfast and lightfast
  • Buffered to resist acid migration
Buffered Yes
Acid-free Yes
Lignin-free Yes
pH 8.0–8.5
Passed P.A.T. Yes
Grain Long
Color Dark tan
Height (in.) 36
Thickness 10 pt.