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Gaylord Archival® LifeGuard™ 3/4" Music Binders (6-Pack)

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    Our Gaylord Archival® LifeGuard™ 3/4" Music Binders (6-Pack) protect spiral bound music while allowing pages to lie flat on a music stand. To use, slip the polypropylene strip through your spiral binding and lock in place with the polypropylene rivets.
    • For spiral bound music scores and other materials up to 3/4" thick
    • Barrier board binders include polypropylene strip, locking polypropylene rivets and a spine for an identification label
    • Bound with Roxite C spine cloth
    • Corners with 1/8" radius rounding prevent bending and fraying
    • Rivets are permanent; strip must be cut to remove music from binder
    Material 60 pt. barrier board
    Acid-free Yes
    Lignin-free Yes
    pH 8.0–9.0
    Buffered Yes
    Color Blue/grey with white interior
    Brand Gaylord Archival®