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Gaylord Archival® Black Clamshell Rare Book Box

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    Our Gaylord Archival® Black Clamshell Archival Rare Book Box has a spine embossed with a classic gold design for elegant presentation. Handsome printed gold labels are included to write the title on, and unbuffered tissue paper is also included to pad the book.
    • Elegant presentation and storage for books
    • 40 pt. barrier board
    • Clamshell lid for easy access to contents
    • Classic gold design embossed on the spine enhances the elegance of the black box
    • Includes two gold title labels and 25 sheets of unbuffered 15 x 25" tissue paper for padding
    • Labels are not archival quality and are for use on the outside of the box only
    pH 8.0–9.0
    Acid-free Yes
    Lignin-free Yes
    Material Barrier board
    Buffered Yes
    Passed P.A.T. Yes
    Lid Type Clamshell
    Drop-front No
    Protective Coating None
    Ships Flat No
    Color Black
    Brand Gaylord Archival®