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Gaylord Archival® Teslin Pre-Cut Artifact Tags (100-Pack)

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    Prepunched Teslin Pre-Cut Artifact Tags (100-Pack) are resistant to tears, smudges, chemicals, scuffs and abrasions—perfect for handwritten information. Teslin is a waterproof "plastic paper", based on polyolefin and containing nonabrasive silica gel. It can be printed on by all methods (including laser). Printed images bond with the cell structure for excellent durability. The tags are also low static, so they won't attract dust.
    • Identify artifacts with handwritten or printed information
    • Waterproof Teslin material is infused with nonabrasive silica gel and resists tears, smudges, chemicals, scuffs and abrasions
    • Soft and flexible with no sharp corners to damage artifacts
    • Low-static design won't attract dust
    • Compatible with most printing methods
    • Includes 100 tags and 6" nylon strings
    Material Teslin
    Brand Gaylord Archival®