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Gaylord Archival® Delphi™ Hyperion Case with UV Acrylic & Lighting

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    The Gaylord Archival® Delphi™ Hyperion Case with UV Acrylic & Lighting is covered with rich wood veneers available in a range of warm finishes. The minimalist appearance is ideal for academic libraries and other environments that call for classic appeal. The museum-quality acrylic vitrine is joined with PS 30 seams, the clearest seams possible, and finished with hand-polished beveled edges. Two LED spotlights highlight your display.
    • Classic wood veneer pedestal
    • Acrylic vitrine for clear viewing from every angle
    • Bubble-free PS 30 seams join every side of the museum-quality vitrine for a completely clear appearance
    • UV-filtering acrylic filters out harmful UV rays from sunlight and fluorescent light sources
    • Formaldehyde-free display deck and back wall covered with black laminate
    • Two LED spotlights can be adjusted 60° and are turned on and off with the kickplate at the bottom of the case
    • Vitrine secures in place with screws to prevent tampering and damage
    UV Filtering Vitrine Yes
    Silica Gel Tile Compartment No
    Security Lock Yes
    Lighting Yes
    Overall Width (in.) 20
    Overall Depth (in.) 20
    Brand Gaylord Archival®